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Thinking About Drinking

  Alcohol is so commonly used in our American culture that we often become desensitized to its effects on our lives and the lives of those around us.  After all, a third of the adult population does not drink at all, and another third drink less than once a week. It is not until we [...]

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Happy Foods & Healthy Moods

How Are our Foods and Moods Related? You’ve probably read articles about “happy foods.” In brief, our bodies and minds use good foods as the fuel for all our functioning. As the food goes through our miraculous digestive system - our “gut” - we are on to the business of our day, usually not thinking [...]

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Improve Your Financial Health in 2016!

Whether you make New Year’s resolutions or not, any time is a good time to look at your financial situation and use some of the excellent resources available for helping you manage your money effectively. What will inspire you to help you to move forward and set your financial plan in place this month? Maybe [...]

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Welcome to the New Website of the Adirondack EAP!

Welcome! We are excited to have this new outlet to inform you about all of the wonderful benefits EAP has to offer employees and employers of member companies. If you know the company you work for is already an EAP member and you would like to know a little more about what the EAP can offer you [...]

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