May is Mental Health Month and you may be wondering exactly what that means for you. It’s actually quite simple. You need to know three basic facts.



  1. Your mental health is as important as your physical health.

Hundreds of studies have shown the direct connection between them. Don’t spend all your time concerned about what you eat and getting enough exercise while neglecting your mental health.



  1. Mental health conditions are common and treatable.

Experts estimate that anxiety disorders alone affect about 18% of the adult population. Most mental health conditions are highly treatable. Doctors often treat patients with medication, psychotherapy or some combination of the two very successfully.



  1. You can address your mental health today.

You do not need to wait another day to address your mental health. You can take a free and anonymous screening and get some insight into your own mental health right now. Go to:




Would you like to come in and discuss what you discover from your self- screening? Call EAP at 518-793-9768. We are here for you!