Experiencing the loss of a loved one is always difficult and it can be particularly difficult during the holiday season.

During the holidays we realize just how much our lives have been changed by the loss of our loved one.  Memories of traditions and togetherness remind us of our loss. Media images and seeing others around us celebrating when we are feeling overwhelmed, lonely and sad can be exceptionally painful.

Like many struggling with a loss, you may have questions and there may be a variety of answers depending on your unique situation.  In fact, some questions might not have an immediate answer. If this is the first holiday season after the death of a loved one, remember there is no right or wrong way to grieve or celebrate the holidays.

Here are a few tips about dealing with grief and loss during the Holidays.

  • Set realistic expectations for yourself
  • Allow yourself to feel sadness, anger and even joy
  • Create a new tradition
  • Take care of yourself

For more detailed information about these tips and a complete list of the tips go to http://www.vitas.com/resources/grief-and-bereavement/coping-with-grief-during-the-holidays

As adults, most of us have experienced losses that we may feel more intensely during the holidays.  Here are some suggestions that may be helpful as you embrace comforting memories and begin to celebrate new possibilities.

  • Preparation, preparation, preparation. Planning what you want to do, or not do during the holidays helps restore a sense of control in your life
  • Recognize your limits both emotional and physical and expect the unexpected. Sometimes despite our best planning a sudden and overwhelming emotion may catch you by surprise.

For more information about these tips and a complete list go to www.americanhospice.org

Some of you may be wondering how you can help your family member or friend who is dealing with a loss during the holiday season. Even with the best of intentions, there are times that what we say is not helpful.

Here are some helpful suggestions.

  • Listen more, talk less
  • Acknowledge the loss
  • Ask what would be helpful

For the complete list and explanation of these tips go to https://austinfamily.com/7-ways-to-help-someone-grieving-a-loss-during-the-holidays/