Whether you make New Year’s resolutions or not, any time is a good time to look at your financial situation and use some of the excellent resources available for helping you manage your money effectively.

What will inspire you to help you to move forward and set your financial plan in place this month? Maybe you’re just starting out in a new phase of life or your circumstances have just changed. It could be that you have been overspending and need to rein yourself in. Perhaps you realize you could benefit by getting advice and guidance on financial decisions you must make.

January is Financial Wellness Month and right now you can find both inspiration and practical steps for improving your financial wellness. There is a wealth of wealth information waiting for you!

Financial Literacy Month

This site has the whole process spelled out in user-friendly segments. You can identify your starting point, pick out specific tools for your success, follow guidance for clearing out financial clutter, and even get daily inspiration and help in the 30 Days section. There are worksheets, tracking formats, and free webinars if you are interested in a complete overhaul of your approach to your money management. Check it out at:

Top Ten Money Management Tips

Want a fast read? These top ten tips hit the essential areas for your consideration. The site also offers much more detail if desired. Here’s the link:

How to Stick to Your Budget

And here’s something we all can use, right? A short blog with original thinking about how to motivate ourselves to stay on track with our plans. Lots of categories to try out too. Go to:


Don’t forget your Employee Assistance Program is here for you, too, for consultation and resources as you enter the new year. Our best wishes to you all.