It’s the New Year!

 Shed an Old Habit and Establish a Higher Good Habit


It is said that to change a bad habit, simply head in the opposite direction! That may be easier said than done, but there is a germ of inspiration in this old saying. The secret of transformation lies in realizing that our habits are actions we do more or less “on automatic.” By applying our motivation and creative thinking, we can dream up new alternative actions that will also satisfy our needs if we just give them enough of a chance.


To begin, identify your desired new habit and the time period for implementing it (example, 30 days.)


  1. Identify the specific triggers that cause you to want to act out the old habit.


  1. Identify specific replacement new actions you will use when triggered.


  1. Decide on your start date and concentrate on using the replacement actions for your allotted time period.


  1. Set the date for reviewing your progress and modifying or adapting your plan at the end of the time period.



By analyzing the everyday actions you do now that continue the old habit, planning out new replacement actions, and then practicing the new actions over a period of 30 days, you can find that you have replaced the old-habit actions with realistic alternatives.  If you can team up with a buddy, it will strengthen your effort and ease your transition toward your new-habit change.


Here’s another helpful thought: almost everyone slips up at times, so there is no need to give up on your progress. Build in the thought that you will get up the next day and proceed on with your change plan. Count the times that you have carried out your plan as steps in your new direction. Each step really counts!


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