Heroes are people we look up to! Heroes are creative, courageous, reliable and resourceful. Heroes never give up on problems—they find a way to make a difference for the better.


Parents are everyday heroes who undertake a loving commitment to protect, care for and nurture their child to the best of their ability. You may be a biological parent, stepparent, grandparent, kinship parent, foster or adoptive parent. Regardless of how you identify yourself, you are your child’s most important person.




“People, children included, need to be able to walk in their front doors without fear of criticism, anger, sarcasm, recrimination, or self-righteousness.”


“The most important job we can undertake is to create a safe environment at home where our children have enough time and positive adult support to develop and mature.”


“Providing your child with your time translates directly to: ‘I must be important. Mom/Dad is willing to spend time with me.’”                        Quotes from Rory Donaldson, Educator,  http://brainsarefun.com/





Develop a positive vision for your family. Cultivate a positive attitude for the job you’ve undertaken. Remember the value of patience in helping a child to learn and grow.


Demonstrate mutual respect. You are the caring and wise leader. Your child is your junior partner, your disciple.


Create daily routines, which help you and your child feel a sense of security. Everyone knows what will happen, what to expect, and what is expected of them. Everyone works together at home to support each other’s activities in life.


Develop transition routines that your child can count on. An example: Before homework time, have a regular reminder, “Homework time will be in fifteen minutes, please finish up what you’re doing soon”……”OK, homework time is in 5 minutes, time to put your things away and come to the table.”


Create regular times together that your child can count on. Examples include:


*Read aloud to your child or let him read to you several nights a week

*Have a family activity time once a week

*Share a mealtime some nights a week

*Hold a family meeting regularly

*Arrange for some relaxed down time at home for your child.


Keep your promises. This helps you to be thoughtful about what you promise and reminds you to carry out your intentions.




Don’t forget about our EAP! We are available to consult with you about specific instances and situations that may arise. And don’t forget to learn from other parents’ experiences, school personnel, community agencies, doctors, self-help materials, and support groups. You are not alone, and neither is your child.